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PARIS offers a wide range of data management and analysis solutions that integrate with any device, data source or software application.

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Connect Missing Data Dots With Olation

olation_logo_noshadowOlation is a streamlined information system that automatically updates multiple end user applications using your organization’s data sources. That’s data security, governance and information distribution made easy.
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logoV14_horizontal_blkPowerOLAP is the most “Excel-user friendly” way to work with your data, with all the power of a sophisticated multidimensional modeling tool Discover trends, forecast, strategize and create reports—including dashboards—in an instant.
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The recipe for real teamwork relies on your ability to communicate effectively. Your data systems are no different. Olation eliminates data sprawl that prevents managers and end users from working as a team. And Olation ensures that IT can maintain a single, secure, controlled system: all data, all end-user applications are unified. And data updates are live—delivered directly from all sources, including spreadsheets, to end-users and managers.

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Plan. Analyze. Report. Accurate Data Every Time.

With PowerOLAP, you don’t have to choose between having an application that enhances your reporting and analytics and one that provides you with dynamic planning. PowerOLAP equips your organization to do it all–compose limitless views of your data, create complicated what-if scenarios when planning, and dive deep into your data analysis. PowerOLAP can be used standalone, or scale up to multi-user concurrent systems: in any implementation, use Excel or any of several dashboard products as your front end.

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The flexible nature of PARIS Solutions allows us to serve a uncommonly wide range of industries.  From Entertainment to Manufacturing, and from Banking to Retail.

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If you are looking for analysis, planning, inventory, finance… Whatever your data challenge may be, we can connect your systems and deliver streamlined results in the front-end of your choice.

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“A report that took me over an hour takes me less than 2 minutes with Olation.”

~Angie Bartley, Accounting Manager, Candyrific LLC  View More Stories

“We would be pretty lost without PowerOLAP”

~Kat Breading, Financial Director. Tysers & Co Ltd.  View More Stories